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It’s nearly impossible to build a powerful online presence for your law firm without a sound content strategy to keep your site up-to-date and keep you in constant contact with referral sources. We understand that most attorneys are short on time which is why we’ve created the perfect system to help our clients maintain dynamic websites and e-newsletter campaigns with minimal effort.

Insight in Motion boasts an extensive library of articles which you can easily edit and post to your site as a blog entry or send to contacts as an e-newsletter.

Here are just of few of the many ways in which Insight in Motion can help build your practice and your reputation:


Adding relevant, fresh content is single-handedly the most important thing you can do to enhance and expand the reach of your site. Unfortunately, most firms devote a lot of time to building their websites initially but over time, their enthusiasm wanes and they fail to regularly update the site. By utilizing Insight in Motion, you can continuously add informative articles, filled with essential keywords, to your site in less time than ever before. Our scheduling feature allows you to pre-schedule posts to ensure that your content strategy remains consistent even when you’re away from the office. Firms that utilize this service report greater visibility across a more extensive set of search terms. 


Unlike many other business models, most areas of law do not require frequent communication with a client once a legal matter has been resolved.  In order to ensure that clients and colleagues remember and refer your firm when the opportunity arises, it’s critical that your firm engage in top of mind marketing. One of the easiest ways to keep in touch with contacts is by sending our regular e-newsletters that offer value to your readers.  Insight in Motion allows you to select articles (both legal and general interest) to create a newsletter that is attractive, informative and most importantly, leaves a lasting impression with contacts.



With no shortage of attorneys in this country, it can be hard to distinguish yourself as a leading expert in your field. One of the best ways to carve out a good reputation is through regular blogging. Blogging allows you to share your specialized knowledge and informed opinions with prospective clients, current clients and colleagues. With the extensive Insight in Motion library at your fingertips, you have a great number of articles which can serve as the framework for a successful legal blog.



As a legal professional, you should strive to be the go-to person for your clients and colleagues when they have questions related to your area(s) of practice. By providing contacts with updates when the law changes, or clarification on relevant court cases, you are delivering great value which will make you a trusted advisor for years to come.

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