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What is Insight in Motion?

Think of Insight in Motion as a powerful top of mind marketing machine designed to supercharge referrals for your firm. At the core of Insight in Motion is a comprehensive article library which features hundreds of legal and general interest articles written by legal professionals. When you sign up for this service, you will have access to these fully-editable articles which can be used in your firm’s e-newsletter or serve as blog posts, allowing you to implement a dynamic marketing strategy in less time than ever before.

In addition to an amazing library, Insight in Motion offers an impressive e-newsletter distribution system which enables you to reach thousands of contacts in a matter of minutes. With a user-friendly interface, you can easily create a newsletter by pulling articles from the library, or adding your own. You can then select who will receive the message (you can send it to one or multiple mailing lists) and select the exact date and time when the email should be sent. Once the message has been distributed, you’ll get a report confirming receipt.

Beyond the fantastic tools that you get with Insight in Motion, you’ll have unlimited access to our talented support team. We know that attorneys don’t have a lot of time which is why you can always count on our experts to help you along the way; we’ll even send out e-newsletters or blog on your behalf so you don’t have to find the time in your already packed schedule. Think of us as your in house marketing team, without the salary requirements!

What kinds of articles do you have in the library?

 We currently have legal articles for five practice areas:

  • Estate Planning
  • Business Law
  • Immigration
  • Personal Injury
  • Bankruptcy

Our library also features general interest articles on a wide range of topics such as health, technology, travel and parenting. To create even more universal appeal to a broad client base, we also have recipes, jokes, trivia and jokes.

All articles are written by attorneys and professional copywriters and all are fully editable so you can insert your personality and practice-specific information, as needed.

What is the difference between a blog and a newsletter?

While Insight in Motion can be used for both your firm’s blog and newsletter, the two marketing mediums differ greatly.

A blog is a website (or page on your site if you have an integrated solution like that offered by Zola Creative) where you can post articles pertaining to your practice. Unlike many other legal publications, blog entries aren’t necessarily meant to be scholarly pieces. Instead, they serve as a tool to share your expertise and knowledge with your target audience, whether that is prospective clients or referral sources. Generally, blog posts cover one topic and should be added at least once a week for an optimal outcome.  An active blog is a great way to showcase your expertise, increase your credibility with a visitor just learning about your firm, and organically incorporate new content while optimizing your site for the search engines. If a site visitor finds your firm’s blog to be useful, they can subscribe online via RSS or sign up for email notifications so they receive a message each time a new entry is posted.

A newsletter, on the other hand, is not posted on the firm’s website. E-newsletters are sent to contacts of the firm via email. These targeted blasts provide you with a way to share information with various contacts that you might not want to prominently display on the firm’s website (e.g. announcing a private networking event for referral sources or a promotion for past clients).  While newsletters won’t help with your firm’s SEO strategy, they can be a get way to keep in touch with past clients and colleagues to ensure you’re kept in mind when business opportunities arise.

If you’re looking to attract new clients and keep in touch with old ones, it’s absolutely critical that you undertake both a blog and e-newsletter campaign; Insight in Motion helps you do just that.

How many recipients can I have?

With Insight in Motion, firms can store up to 5000 recipients (and up to 3 different mailing lists). For firms with larger contact lists, we offer custom packages to accommodate a greater number of recipients. 

Through your Insight in Motion dashboard, you can easily add new contacts or delete old ones. Recipients will also be able to unsubscribe automatically by simply clicking on a link in the footer of the message.

I know I need to be blogging and sending out e-newsletters but I just don't have the time. Will your staff help me?

Absolutely! Many of the attorneys we work with don’t have the time, or the support staff, to blog with regularity or send out e-newsletters; that’s where we come in! We’re happy to post blogs or send out e-newsletters on your behalf. If you’d like to review them before they go out, that’s no problem. We’ll send everything to you beforehand.

For those who prefer to have total control, we’ll make sure you have a great understanding of the system so you can easily post blog entries or send out e-newsletters on your own.

What do the e-newsetters look like?

E-newsletters are only effective marketing tools if recipients perceive them as a valuable resource coming from your firm which is why it’s absolutely essential that your firm’s branding be prominently displayed for all to see. When you sign up for Insight in Motion, we’ll work with you to create a newsletter design template which is sophisticated and consistent with your other marketing collateral. Each blast sent out by your firm will contain this customized header and footer graphic.

To give your newsletters even greater visual appeal, we include a photo with each article in our library. Of course, you can easily add your own too ensuring that your newsletter perfectly represents your firm. View Sample Newsletter 

How can people sign up to be on my firm's mailing list?

People can sign up for your e-newsletter right through your firm’s website. If you have an Zola Creative website, we’ll set this up for you, at no extra charge. If your site is hosted on another platform, we’ll provide you with a snippet of code which will allow visitors to easily sign up. Once a visitor submits his email address, he is automatically added to your mailing list. If you’d like to know about your new sign-ups, you can opt to receive email notifications each time a new subscriber has been added.

Do I need to have my website with Zola Creative to use the service?

No. Although the Insight in Motion library and distribution system is tied into Zola Creative’s Site Manager, the service can be used by any firm.

How is this service different from an e-newsletter system like Constant Contact or MailChimp?

While the Insight in Motion distribution system is similar to that of many e-newsletter service providers, none of these companies offer an extensive legal library, written by attorneys for attorneys. They also won’t design a customized email template or send out e-newsletters on behalf of your firm, if you just get too busy. At Insight in Motion, we don’t just give you a tool to send out e-newsletters, we give you the copy, resources and the white-glove support to make it easy and effective.


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